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Still Pinging

I love gas firings.  I love how the flame dances around the pots and kisses them with color.  I enjoy the inconsistency and sometimes unpredictable results.  I feel like the piece is a collaboration between myself and the flame.  I also love how the pots will ping for a while after being removed from the kiln.  To me it sounds like they are singing.
After the most recent gas firing I left these pieces on the dinning room table for far longer than I should have but everyday at least one of them would greet me with it's song.   
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. I love the idea of singing pottery. Beautiful work too!

  2. The idea is great (also the collaboration between you and the flame)
    I believe it may have gone too far however when they all start pinging "Be Our Guest" =)

  3. If they start pinging any recognizable tune I'll stick to electric firing...or stop drinking my own beer.

  4. oh golly, what a FANTASTIC group of work here!


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