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Precarious Pots

Here are some pots I made for the woodfiring I'm doing in October.  I added handles but I want the handles to come up and over the rim or the pot.  Of course gravity gets involved and the handles want to droop.  So I have placed these pots on the edge of the shelf with the handles hanging down, off the edge.  I then backed out of the studio on tip toes.  Yes, it's precarious and makes me a bit nervous.  If I start doing this a lot I'll build a rack where the pieces can sit with the handles hanging through the slats.  My current drying rack has slats that are too close together for this option.
If anyone else has ideas for how to do this I'd love to hear them.
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  1. I'd be worried that they'd droop too much lying that way and would want to prop up the top of the handle. Good luck those will be great for the wood fire.

  2. Hi Linda, thankfully they didn't droop too much. The handles were firm enough to retain the shape. Whew!


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