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Shimpo Potting Stool Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday.  My sweetie got me a Shimpo stool which I've already been testing.  It is really comfortable.  The legs are adjustable to various heights within about 1/4 inch which means you can make the back slightly higher than the front.  This gives good leverage for centering and helps you sit more upright when throwing which is great for your back.  I know I should stand at the wheel but I've had a few surgeries on my feet and knees so standing all day is really not an option.  This padded stool seems to be a really good solution.  Now I'll never come out of the studio.
Thank you to all my facebook friends and fans who have wished me a happy birthday today.  I really appreciate the well wishes.
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  1. I think that's a perfect gift for you! Happy birthday to a fellow Libra!!

  2. Happy Birthday !! And you've got your fabulous new artist's studio this year too.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. Thank you Tara, I'm about to go do some gardening right now.

  4. happy birthday, great gift, love the adjustable legs.


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