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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Getting More Color

The custom windows are supposed to be ready for pick up today so yesterday was spent building the frames for them.  Just as I was finishing the first frame I miss-hit with the hammer and smashed the heck out of my index finger.  This is just what every potter wants to do.  Even with ice, ibuprofen and ginger (an anti-inflammatory) it still swelled and bruised pretty badly.  Thankfully, I was still able to finish the frames and the discoloration is all on the pad so I don't think I'll lose the fingernail.
Years ago I learned to hold the nail with the pads of your fingers facing up, the idea is that this should hurt less when smacked with a hammer and lesson the likelihood of losing a fingernail.  I didn't do this and I'm regretting it.
I'll be raku firing this afternoon so we won't see much progress on the studio but it'll still be a fun day.
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  1. Ow! I'm cringing on your behalf. Heal soon.


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