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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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A Different Kind of Mud

I started applying tape and joint compound, also known as mudding, to the walls.  I got the first layer on and it looks pretty bad.  Janet is better with this kind of mud than I am, she generously offered to finish this task.  I guess if it's not spinning I'm really not very good at it.  I started thinking about installing lots of shelves and hanging a bunch of posters to cover up my mistakes until help was offered.  I'll still do shelves.

I did get all of the outlets installed in the studio side but of course I'm one outlet shy on the kiln room side.  Back to the hardware store for me.
The first layer of the cement board is installed.  The boards are 5' x 3' so I'm stacking them on the long end which will give the walls protection 5' wide by 6' high at which point the air will mix with that from the open window.  The hope is that it will be pretty rapidly cooled at this point.  A vent will be installed near the floor and the kiln stand to assist with air flow and an exhaust fan will help with heat and fumes.

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  1. Hey, I didn't sign anything saying there wouldn't be any mistakes! :) So, yes, keep those shelves and posters handy.

  2. I love these reports on the creation of your studio. As much a work of creation as any of your other pieces and one of which given its generative nature you can be at least as proud of...

  3. Wow, you are learning how to do everything to build your studio, it is really coming together, so wonderful.

  4. Thanks, yes, I've been doing a lot of learning and creative thinking in this process. Thankfully, I do have some experience with carpentry, electricity, drywall, etc.


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