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Carpenters Are Gone

My internet connection has been out for a few days (thanks AT&T) but work on the studio continued to progress without it.  The construction crew is now gone leaving me to finish up the little details like running the electricity, dry wall installation, building windows and painting.   Nothing any carpenter/electricain/dry waller/glazier/painter/potter couldn't handle.  I love this jack of all trades thing anyway.  Yesterday I built and installed the window over the kiln room door.  It opens from the top to allow air in for when the kiln is being fired.
I really love that window on the side wall too, it opens well from the bottom and the top.  It'll let a good bit of air in while I'm working and give me a nice view of a wooded hill.  The sky light is right over where the electric wheel will be.  The studio is in a heavily shaded area so it'll be some nice soft natural light.  I also had a piece of clear roofing installed on the kiln room side so I can use that area during the day without turning on the light.  The idea is to be as environmentally friendly as a pottery with an old electric kiln can be.
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  1. Love it! Now all you need are some plants around the edges! Cute, cute, cute!

  2. Your studio is looking really great, bet you can't wait to start working in there.

  3. Thank you, I do plan to build a porch and do some landscaping around the outside of the building in the fall.
    Linda - Thank you too. I have been working in there quite a bit but it'll be really nice to be working in there as a potter instead of an electrician/painter/carpenter/...


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