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Happy 40th Birthday to Charis Books and More

Every community needs some kind of voice, we need to gather, to see, and to hear.  Sometimes we even learn in these communities.  I can’t imagine it’s ever been easy to run an independent book store, it seems like it’s harder to do that in the past few years.  Make that book store a specialty, niche book store and it must be harder still.  But Atlanta has been blessed for the past 40 years with just that.  We are the fortunate home of Charis Books and More who will be celebrating 40 years of being in business this week.  Charis is one of the oldest Feminist book stores in North America (including Canada) and one of only 13 according to Paste Magazine.

They are celebrating with in store events at the bookstore on Euclid Av in Little 5 Points and ending with a big bash at The Wrecking Bar which is a very cool brew pub a few blocks away on Moreland Ave.
Goddess Mug by Lori Buff
Goddess Mug
This is a great time to go visit them and show your support, buy a book or a craft from a local artisan (hint: try the pottery, I hear it’s great).  When you go to the store you might find one of the owners reading to the children of the customers.  That’s the type of service that has helped keep them alive for so long.  If you can’t make it to the store or the party you can always order a book on line at the website  We should keep this going for another 40 years at least.

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  1. So good to know there are still book stores that are open, I love book stores and many are closing as folks get books on line and kindle I still like holding and reading books, yes I know the pottery there is really good. oh I can order from them online I almost missed that sentence. I'll go check themout

    1. It is good to see any small biz last 40 years. They are smart enough at Charis to also offer eBooks for the people that enjoy them.

  2. books AND pottery... of course they are successful!


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