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Good Karma At The Gift Show

Doing art shows can be fun and exciting as well as exhausting.  At some point in every show I think “I’m too old for this.”  But I keep doing them for several reasons like meeting new people.  Often the other artists and artisans are a lot of fun.  We share information about shows and stuff, we make friends because of the common bond.  Sometimes we create really good karma.

The NMP Gift Show was one of those shows with great karma.  I’ll give you an example.  I had been fairly active on social media in promoting the show, I wrote a blog article, posted on twitter and liked some other artists work on Instagram before the show.  It was no big deal and only took a little bit of time but I felt it paid off when one of the organizers came to my booth, thanked me for doing that and then bought a few pots from me.  Later someone else from the show posted a picture of one of my pieces and it sold within the hour.  It felt like good karma.

Wood Fired Pottery Vase with Horse design by Future Relics Gallery
Wood Fired Horse Vase

The next day I made friends with a woman that knit really funky scarves and hats and such.  She was a lot of fun and was promoting positive energy for a good show for all.  She’s one of those people with a great spirit.  She bought a smiling soap holder from me for her mom but as we were talking to another artists the bag slipped from her hand and the pot broke.  Sometimes the wrapping is just not enough to cushion against a hard floor.  I let her pick out a replacement but would not take her money, stuff breaks, it was nobodies fault.  Finally I had to say “if you have really great sales today I’ll let you pay for a new one, if not, don’t worry about it.”  At the end of the day she came to me with cash and a nice warm hat.  She said it was a good day.  I believe it was.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. What a great story, and that is a beautiful pot you posted.

  2. As I face a bunch of shows, with the first one being OUTDOORS this Sat...I'm so glad to hear about the good karma going around.

  3. Glad you had a good show enhanced by great show colleagues.

    1. I hope the good karma carries over to your show in Seagrove.

  4. I know, so true: back breaking work, art fairs, but so much fun most of the time!

  5. Art shows are exhausting, but fun. We have done some shows for the past two summers and a lot of the artists are the same people. We are like one big family.

    1. Hi Mary, that’s a great way of putting it. We laugh together, cry together, and lots of other things friends and family do together at shows.


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