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Fundraising For Potters

Late last week I learned that some friends in the pottery community Mike Sherrer and Triny Cline, had a fire at their house.  They lost everything, their home, their studio, even their pets.  I can't imagine how devastated they must be.

I understand that insurance and CERF+ will help but that doesn't cover everything.  Friends from the Georgia Clay Counsel have offered their studio so Mike and Triny can continue working.  Other people have offered clothing and furniture.  And other's are trying to collect funds.

Juicer for fundraiser by Lori Buff
Citrus Juicer
I've decided to donate 50% of the proceeds of my June Etsy sales to them.  So if you've been considering buying something from my Etsy store please seriously consider getting it this month as someone who really needs it will benefit.

If you don't see something you want just keep checking back, I'll be posting new pots all month, or ask for something.  I'll make it if I don't already have one ready.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. oh my that's so terrible, even the pets, so sad, I'll check the etsy site.

    1. I know Linda, I would feel that loss more than anything.

  2. I get the shivers whenever I hear about potters and fires...


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