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Come have a beer and get some art.

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A Little Cream and Sugar

Every morning when I first wake up I tell the dogs to fix my coffee.  I've spent a lot of time training them how to do this but they never seem to catch on to the trick.  They don't even get out of bed.  It may be because my coffee making routine is a bit involved for a dog.  I find it so easy I can do it with my eyes closed, and often do.

I fix the coffee in the coffee maker the night before.  It's one of those that brews at a certain time that you set.  What a nice feature.  When I walk into the kitchen the coffee is already made.  I then pour some cream into a little creamer pitcher and heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds.  After it's warm I froth it with a hand held Areolatte.  I've been doing this for years, ever since we went to Italy and were served cappuccino with breakfast every morning.  I put a spoon full of sugar into my coffee then add this frothed cream and head back to the bed.  I can sip my coffee in bed while dozing and listening to NPR.

Since I use a hand crafted pottery sugar bowl and creamer every morning I thought I should also make some for other people to enjoy so I made this set.

Cream and Sugar set by Future Relics Gallery
Cream and Sugar Set
 I glazed it with this root beer colored glaze and added some specks of white glaze for interest.  They pulled a little in the kiln which gives this fluid impression.

Cream and Sugar set by Lori Buff
Under the Lid
The knob of the lid is flat and textured to match the tops of the butter keepers I make.  You can set the lid on the knob so the inside shows.  This inspired me to glaze the inside of the lid a celadon green just for fun.  I think it's a nice little surprise.

This set is listed in my Etsy store.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. The cream and sugar is super sweet.
    I love my morning coffee.

  2. beautiful cream and sugar set, I like the addition of the white drips, wonder what would happen if you put some of the celadon as drips?, I must check out your aerolatte to see how that works I may need to get myself one. I never thought of heating my half and half up but then I usually drink my coffee luke warm anyway but I must have my cream with it. If I go to starbucks I always get a caffe latte

    1. Thanks Linda, I have glazed some mugs with the root beer/celadon combo, the glaze looked nice where the 2 combined but the celadon was really over powered by the darker root beer glaze. I could show you a picture but they all sold.

  3. I love the name "root beer" for a glaze... and the celadon in the lid is a very nice surprise.

    1. Thanks Michele, I love adding and finding little sneaky surprises in art.


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