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Getting Orange Peel Texture on Pottery

Some people really like the orange peel texture that you can get in a salt firing.  Not only does it feel nice but the texture reflects light well, this makes the pots come alive and bright light.  It's just one of the nice things you can do in atmospheric firing.

The anagama kiln here at Penland has a salt chamber built into it.  It's the last chamber of the kiln and was brought up to temperature at the end of the firing.  We started adding salt when cone eight was down.

Salting The Wood Kiln

We folded 2 pounds of salt into paper to create a salt burrito.  These were delivered into the kiln's firebox via a wooden plank.

We all decided that we really wanted the orange peel texture, but how to assure it?

How about adding some orange peel to the burritos?

Into the fire they went.  We will open the kiln soon so we can all see if this idea worked.  Remember, this was done at the end of a long week of firing and we were all a little silly.

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