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Artists and Activism

Artists have a long history of expressing their beliefs in their art.  They are getting a message to the people who see the art while making a statement.  The stereotype of the impassioned artist is often a true stereotype and not always a bad one.  One of artist that comes to mind in this regard is Diego Rivera who painted large, very politically influenced murals.  I love his work and his passion.  Sometimes I wish I were a better painter so I could do the same.  But my passion is throwing pots and although  I'm often very happy with the statement they make I sometimes want more.  However, I have yet to be able to figure out how to convey something like the anger of oppression on a casserole dish.  Besides, honestly, would you want to serve your guests dinner in such a dish?  I guess it would make a great conversation piece.

The thing is, being self employed gives me a certain amount of freedom of time in my day.  This permits me to do things like take an afternoon off and go to the state capitol to let my representatives know how I feel.  Signing petitions, making phone calls and sending emails are all very effective ways of voicing your opinion and desires but actually being there can help one feel empowered, especially when you see that you are not alone.

Activists at Subcommittee Hearing

So the other day when the call came out to attend the subcommittee hearing on Georgia's HB1023, a.k.a. the freedom of religion bill, a.k.a. the freedom to discriminate bill I was able to be there and although the chairman asked that we be very quiet unless we were testifying, I feel like my voice was heard.  The bill is dead for now.  I helped it die and all I did was show up.  I believe the presents of so many people who just showed up plus the very compelling arguments of the people who testified helped to kill this bill that could be used to allow discrimination.

The fight is not over, as of this writing Arizona has a similar bill that did pass and is now awaiting approval or veto from the governor.  We will most likely always see human rights violations and environmental issues that need to be addressed, but for this issue, I feel like I've made a statement and it was heard.

Other Stuff:

Watch a video of GA Rep Simone Bell speak against this bill
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  1. You had me laughing with the "statement" casserole!
    We all need to show up a little more when it comes to the things we believe in.

    1. Good Michèle, you were supposed to laugh.

      It was also actually very interesting and educational to be there and see how these bills are addressed.

  2. a problem often seems to be that most Americans are busy trying to go to work and make dinner and do the kids' laundry, etc, and the far right has nothing better to do than push horsesh!t at us... but Americans, busy as we are, can surprise everyone when they DO show up :)

    1. I know Gary, I was pleased to see the room was so packed, and even spilling out into the hallway, at 3 in the afternoon and I kept thinking about the people who wanted to be there but couldn't because they were working or lived 4 hours away or whatever. I guess that's why it's so helpful that we can easily call or email our elected officials these days.


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