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Winter Wood Firing at Penland

I was invited to a wood firing at Penland School of crafts. Since I love wood firing and I love Penland this seemed like a great opportunity.  So I packed up all my warm clothes and drove up to the mountain in January.  As expected it's been really, really cold. This morning at about 7 AM it was only 1°. That's not enough degrees.  Needless to say this is delayed the start of the firing a little bit but we've been very innovative.
We set up a staging area inside the studio, where was nice and warm.  This picture simulates the inside of the Anagama kiln.

This is what it looked like when we finally called it quits last night.

The sun started coming over the mountain now, so I'll head up to the kiln and help finish loading.  I'll post more pictures and stories from the frozen wood fire in the next few days.


  1. Love the electric heater in the kiln! Toes crossed that it warms enough to make loading a bit more comfortable.

    1. We really needed the space heated to keep the wadding from freezing as well as ourselves.

  2. you were brave to drive up there, hope the firing goes well

    1. It was sunny and 50 degrees when I drove up here, no bravery involved. Thanks Linda.


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