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The Joys of Creative Networks

A few nights ago I had dinner with a group of friends who are craft artists.  We all have a few things in common besides the love of craft, we've all been to Penland School of Crafts and have thrived on the energy that comes from being in an environment with lots of creative people.  The idea of having dinner together once a month of so is to help keep that creative spark burning while we are here in Atlanta.  Let me tell you, it was great fun.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist Way recommends having other creative friends who you can share passions, ideas, successes, and failures with.  Napoleon Hill recommends the same in his book Think and Grow Rich.  I'm sure you'll find lot of other people who are experts in helping people create success for themselves will recommend being a part of some sort of like minded group.  It just seems like the synergy of the group helps keep and build inspiration.  It could also lead to collaborative projects or group shows.

The collective knowledge can also help to build success or avoid failures.  Learning from mistakes is a good thing, learning from other people's mistakes is an even better thing.  When you're a part of a creative network you can learn what has worked for others, what hasn't worked, and get some thoughts about what you might do differently.  That's one of the appeals of reading and writing blogs. It's just easier to have a more full discussion when you talk face to face.  It's also fun, but I'm repeating myself.

Another creative network that I enjoy is a group called Likemind.  We meet once a month for coffee and conversation.  It's always a great time and very inspiring.  You should see if there is a Likemind group near you or start one.

Likemind Group

Do you have a creative network?  What's it like?

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  1. great tips, Lori, thanks for the inspiration; I am hoping to meet some folks at the pottery class this afternoon and build a community through them

  2. interestedly yes and no---it would take too long for here. thoughtful post.

  3. My creative network is primarily the Facebook group "clay buddies". I am also a leader for the Etsy Maine Team, which is FULL of very creative folks. I like having creative minds in all crafty areas, as well as professionals in ceramics with whom I can converse with and ask technical questions. Having these two outlets is a great help for sure!



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