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5 Useful Video Marketing Blogs To Follow

Videos are becoming increasingly popular.  People like to watch videos because they can hear and see the story.  I have found it's helpful in explaining pottery creation processes if I can direct them to my YouTube channel.  But what about marketing?  Guest blogger Sam Write tells us about some top picks for video marketing that you might find helpful.

New marketing ideas and strategies are emerging all the time, and the advance of social media has transformed marketing. However, marketers don’t always have the time (or money) to take the latest training courses. Skills are valuable when searching for a marketing job, so how else can you keep on top of such a fast-moving industry?

One way to keep up to speed is by spending time reading the best blogs on marketing topics. Whether it’s email marketing, analytics, SEO, social media, there are blogs ideal for the marketing work you do.
Here are five of our favourite blogs for video marketers to follow.

The YouTube Official Blog

As the largest (and, arguably, the most important) video site in the world, keeping up to date with everything relating to YouTube should be a priority for video marketers. YouTube has its own official blog packed full of useful tips and interesting information about the site - ideal if you work in marketing.
The YouTube team regularly posts about features of the site and how you can use them to get the best out of your channel. It also includes information on some of the best channels on the site along with other events and ideas about video and video marketing.

VidYard Blog

VidYard is a useful video analytics tool to track how your videos are performing online. Whether you use the software or not, the VidYard blog is worth following.
The blog covers a range of video marketing ideas and strategies, as well as tips on using the VidYard software. Ideas in the blog can range from voice over tips and YouTube strategies to predictions about changes in the world of video and viral marketing.

Ask Mr Video

The Ask Mr Video blog is a blog that's not affiliated to any particular software company or vendor. The blog is run by Perry Lawrence, a marketing professional with over two decades of experience shooting marketing videos.
The blog is a great resource for the latest news and ideas, but if you find the sheer volume of content overwhelmind, there is also a range of filters so that you can view blogs on a specific topic. These cover video marketing platforms, tips, SEO and more.

Sociable Video

The Sociable Video blog is a great place for people looking to develop their video marketing skills. The blog is run by Wayne Ford, a digital producer and creator of the Sociable Video Training Course. He created the blog to help small businesses, startups, marketers and artists get the best out of social web video marketing.

Meme Machine

The Meme Machine is a blog that should be essential reading for all video marketers. The blog is related to the Viral Video charts and whilst it doesn’t necessarily give you tips or advice, it does keep you in touch with the most successful viral adverts out there. There is a fresh article almost every day of the working week, each covering one of the most successful videos on that day.

Following the Best Marketing Blogs

Even within a specific marketing field such as video marketing, there are hundreds of blogs you can follow, each sharing different ideas and providing useful information. Top up your information and get insight into best practice with these handy blogs and feeds.
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By Sam Wright
Sam Wright is a journalist writing on behalf of the Brand Republic website.

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