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Stop and Smell the Roses

Have you seen the video of the violin player in the train station yet?  Take three minutes and check it out, I'll wait while you click here.

Did you listen to the video while reading about it?  If you did you are like the children, not too distracted by your busy life to get distracted by something amazingly beautiful.  In defense of the adults, the children don't have the pressures of meetings and time clocks.  They have the luxury of time to be curious.  Maybe we should learn how to find a few extra minutes in our lives to allow for something wonderful to just happen into it, even if that wonderful something is just stopping to smell a rose or watch a sunset.
Enjoying the Sunset

A friend of mine gave me a great gift one day.  We had plans to get together one evening after my shift at Mudfire.  When we were discussing what time to meet she said, "sometime around 7ish would be fine, but don't rush. Why get stressed out about what time you're going to go have fun?"

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  1. My life used to be like that video, rushing around,getting on a plane every Monday morning, train stations, hotels... Now my life is more like your sunset, I am so grateful for this time in my life when I can move more slowly. I love the girl that stopped and noticed, her life is richer by far than anyone else that passed that day.

    1. Tracey, sometimes we get more out of life when we try to put less into it.

  2. I love your friends comment to you, it's one that I am going to have to remember.

  3. agggggggh! I am the one stressed about ..... well, everything, but esp. time :) so, well, thanks...

    1. No need to stress about time, every day has the same 24 hours. Lol, if only it was that easy.

  4. Lovely tree reflected against the sunset. I've definitely slowed down more now that I don't have to be somewhere or do something at a certain time every day, even taking care of my lavender gardens in California I had to water and had to weed, prune etc. but I've always taken a bit of time to smell the roses through life; I always feel refreshed by those times.


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