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Martin Luther King Day

Today we celebrate the life and work of one of my heros, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We may know him as a great civil rights leader, the man that helped create the change in how people of color were treated in America.  He was also a tremendously powerful speaker who was able to make a speech that contained politics and religion and a true point, all joined yet able to stand on it's own merit.

One thing I love about the celebration of his life today is that people are encouraged to volunteer their services.  The news tonight will be full of people who have done wonderful things to help their community, some of them will keep on volunteering and helping the community for month and even years.  Some will not do anything again until next year.  That's okay, every hour someone spends helping to make the world a better place is an hour well spent.

I normally spend time on MLK Day beautifying my community.  Being an artist that seems to make sense to me.  By simply picking up and neglected cigarette butts (which are NOT bio-degradable) I can make a positive impact for myself, my neighbors, the pets, and wildlife in my city.  Add to that picking up bottles and cans and other recyclables will make an even greater impact.  I'm sure I can fill up a few trash bags in no time.  It makes me sad how much trash we toss out of car windows or just throw on the ground.  It's not a city thing, I see a ton of beer bottles and cans along country roads too.  All from the cheap red, white and blue beer manufacturers.  It looks a little patriotic in a "I hate my country" kind of way.  It's infuriating how people can get a full bootle of beer from the store into the vehicle but are then too weak to carry the empty from the vehicle to the recycle bin.

What are you going to do for your community today?

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