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Mountain Magic

The 27th Annual Penland Benefit Auction is this weekend and I've volunteered to help out. This is the 3rd year I've worked the auction, it's something I love doing because of the people that come here, the beauty of Western North Carolina and the magic that is Penland. Last night I felt the magic.

One of the other volunteers is a story teller, she was asked to tell a bed time story so a group of us gathered into a quiet corner under the big tent while she spun her tale.  Apparently it was her adaptation of an old fairy tale that has been told and retold for hundreds of years, each storyteller putting a spin on it based on their life experience.  One of the people who was there to listen to the story told us how hearing this story really influenced her whole body of artwork.  I was ready for a powerful tale.

As she was telling the story, although I was seriously into it I was also reminded of when I was in Toastmasters and trying my hand at storytelling, it's a difficult thing and this woman was doing the telling very well.  I was also thinking about how I would like the story to go in some parts.  If you think about a lot of fairytales they are, let's just say not really strong feminist examples, which also doesn't speak too well of the "heros."  I was not disappointed, the story was told in a way that made it so everyone truly could live happily ever after, often with the twists I was hoping to hear.

After the story ended we all thanked the storyteller and gave our words of how wonderful the story was to us and why.  Then she turned to me and said "I don't know you Lori, but I was feeling a lot of energy from you.  That helped to fuel the story."  How much of our lives do we create just by fueling the story?

Morning Mist Over The Mountain at Penland


  1. Oh Lori, recently when we went to Steinhatchee and spoke with Clayton Oaks I felt a connection to him and his life history, he had so much to tell. A few years ago Gary and I belonged to a dinner group in California and there was one gathering where we had story tellers and I loved it. It harkens back to before the written word where knowledge and experience was spread by the word and it also harkens back to the knowledge and experience imparted by grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and friends told simply in an everyday atmosphere by in person - I think the in person aspect is important because I feel we are loosing so much of that with the internet and texting and phone calls and no personal interaction. Sounds like a wonderful evening I would have thoroughly enjoyed.

    1. You're right Linda, the magic of the Internet is that we can have a long distance conversation at a convenient time but we should also hold dear the personal interactions and storytelling is a great way to do that interaction.

  2. being in the moment is part of being in the story.
    Many times we are too busy thinking about what is next instead of just relaxing and being.
    and with that said---
    I do have to say you were at Penland and did not come down the mountain to see me?! Next time...

    1. Actually, I'm still here and will be for 2 weeks. I would LOVE to come down and see you. Can you send me directions?

  3. ah- a trip to how best to get directions to you?
    I am going to search out your email.


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