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iPad Photo Apps for Artists Under $2

It's fun to see how many artists are using iPads these days.  The great looking screen and ease of use makes them really handy.  And the fact that you can actually see photos and videos is really helpful.  They are also great to have a shows for taking credit cards or showing process pictures.  Their are also a lot of apps out there that are handy for artists.  I've compiled a list of a few of them that are under $2.  Some are even free which is a price I really like but it does come at a cost as the app normally comes with some advertising.  If you don't mind the ads some are really handy and fun.

You may have seen some Instagram  photos around the internet.  It's a photo filter app that has social media sharing capabilities.  It's got a really simple interface that you can use to view your friends images as well as share your own. 

Befunky is another photo filter app that may actually be more fun because you can add text bubbles and graphics to your images, it also has quite a few different artistic styles to choose from.  It's made for apple and android products plus it also has a web interface so you can adjust your pictures on your computer.
Made With Befunky

Adobe has released Photoshop Express which is a free app that's nice for making some minor changes to photos, for the real fun you need to give them some money.  It's a pretty easy interface and it does make a copy of the picture you've adjusted so your original is unchanged.  Nice.

CameraBag focuses on emulating styles and processes from some of the most interesting cameras of the past to enhance the mood of an image.  It cost $1.99.

PhotoPad is a free photo editing app with some very interesting features. You can rotate, crop and scale images and you can also adjust threshold levels, color, contrast and saturation.  I've just started playing with this one and have enjoyed it.  I'll probably write a review later.

FX Photo Studio HD is all about effects. Currently, the application offers photo editors 201 customizable effects to choose from additionally, FX Photo Studio offers standard photo editing features, such as crop, rotate, and flip. It allows you to upload edited photos to almost all the social networks.  It costs $1.99 but could be money well spent for all it includes.

Do you have any favorite apps?

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  1. I added all of these apps to my ipad and never use them, even though they look really fun to use I am still in the old habit of downloading images to my laptop and using iphoto. What I really need to do is get a card reader for my ipad and have some fun!!

    1. Hi Tracey, That's funny (and why we want inexpensive apps). I tend to use them but it's a conscious effort, to change the old habits.

  2. The befunky looks like a good app to test various glaze colors on a greenware piece to see how it looks, sometimes I have a hard time visualizing different colors.

    1. Hey Linda, that's a great idea. I had not thought of doing that.

  3. I who!!!??? Still old school over here in whynotland.

  4. funny thing about aps, I have never had a cell phone, a smart phone or dumb phone...golly, am I missing some excitement!

    1. No Gary, smoke signals are still much more exciting than talking on the phone.


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