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What Do You Want From A Promoter?

This weekend a man walked into my booth, looked at my work then asked if he could have my card so he could send me an email.  I was so glad he asked.  Had he read my blog post about the woman who spammed me from my biz card?  I asked him what he wanted to email me about and he told me it was for a show called WestFest.  I'm already on the list so I asked him about it.  You see, the invitational email was interesting but I still had my doubts.  The invitation told me what a great area the show was going to be in and what was expected of me but it didn't tell me everything I was paying for.  I was very active on the committee that put on the Telephone Factory Lofts Art Show and Sale last year, I know how expensive a show can be if it's done right (I'm assuming we did it right). The cost of running the show and advertising the show can be much larger than you might imagine.  But I want to know if the show is going to be advertised and how, if they are providing overnight security, if they are judging the work what is the prize.  I have been in shows where the prize was a certificate and a ribbon only.  That's fine, just let me know that's what to expect.
Booth Table By Lori Buff
Booth Table at Inman Park Festival
I really like shows where they send a follow-up survey asking what I liked and what could be done better.  It makes me want to go back next year even if the show wasn't the best one of the year.  They can't all be the best right?  But if the promoter is trying to make it great I'm happy to work with them.

What do you want to know from a promoter who is inviting you to a show or event?

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  1. I agree, those follow up surveys are a good thing. I want to know that there are art patrons coming to shop. I got so sick of the corn doggers last year.
    I want an easy in and out for set up, good security, a booth sitter if I need one, good marketing, and an idea of the other vendors that will be there. A map of where the vendors will be located is also very helpful.
    Looks like you had a good assortment of work to choose from on your table. Was everything on the same level? Hard to tell from the photo. Some variation in height might offer visual interest and maybe a plate stand to display a couple of plates on a vertical plane. Sorry, my designer self is slipping out, but visual display is so important and I know you mentioned this before. Your work looks very warm and welcoming :)

    1. Hi Tracey, all of that would be nice. I love looking at pictures of past shows to see if people are carrying bags or not. That says a lot about a Festival. I would also be nice to know if they are going to put the artists with breakables near the kids play area. I'm trying to avoid those shows anyway.
      I did have some height variation but no plate stands there, I've lost a few plates on stands due to a good breeze. Inside shows I'll put them up.


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