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Golden Cloud

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Sometimes things just feel like they are going your way.  Don't you love that feeling?  Even if you don't know exactly what's going to happen, you just feel really positive and like serendipity likes you. Sometimes you just see the signs.

Sunday it rained here, one of those clean smelling rains that makes you think of mountain air.  Penland often smells like that when it rains, I went there in my mind just by breathing.  When the rain slowed and the late afternoon, eclipse covered sun came out we looked for the rainbow and found it.  It ended at our front walkway.  You can just see it in this picture if you look close enough.

Rainbow Ending In My Front Yard

If that wasn't enough, today I got my prize from fellow potter and blogger Gary Rith's blog contest from last week, 4 four leaf clovers!

Do you think I should buy a lottery ticket?

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  1. Congrats on all the good luck. I never have found a four leaf clover and Gary finds lots of them, maybe they only grow in certain areas. Ha.

    1. Thanks Linda, I've got a lawn full of clover yet I don't find as many as Gary does, of course he may be looking more closely than we are.

  2. I DO SEE the rainbow! And I found 2 more 4 leaf clovers and a five leaf clover a minute ago...golly, sure, it does seem like things could be quite fortunate indeed :)

    1. Gary, I think you look for lucky things, I like that about you.


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