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Pizza and Potters

If you read a lot of potters blogs you'll notice that many of us like to make pizza. I started thinking about this the other night when I was making dinner. I started realizing the similarities between pizza and pottery. The most obvious is, of course kneading the dough is a very similar activity to wedging clay but it starts before that. I mix my dough in a food processor but I still have to take the wet and dry ingredients and blend them together in the perfect proportions to get the proper consistency. Like clay, you can't toss a crust if the dough is too dry or too wet. Oh, yeah, have you ever noticed that you toss dough and throw clay. Coincidence? Maybe not.
The pot isn't usually finished without some surface decoration like sauce, cheese, veggies,...err, ops I think I got confused. You get the point.
Finally it's fired, some pizza is even fired in a wood environment like some pottery.
Now I know pottery has been around for many thousands of years, does anyone know how long pizza has been around? The same amount of time maybe?
Do you make your own pizza? Which do you prefer, making the dough or decorating it?

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  1. I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I have been buying this really great dough at the Farmer's Market and I let one get a bit too old. I tried "throwing" the dough like I used to throw my slabs to stretch them, made it really thin and it was fine. I also wedge my dough :)

  2. I had not ever thought about doing that, I'll try it next time my dough isn't stretching well. Thanks Tracey.

  3. YES! I am a potter-pizza maker too, as you know! What you have here is awesome, and what a nice stone too :)

  4. actually, I am about to make one early in the am, right NOW, because it is going up to near 100 today and we have no AC, so I am doing the hot stuff early :)

  5. Gary, I thought you might be making a breakfast pizza. You put scrambled eggs and whatever toppings you might like on the crust and bake it until the eggs are cooked. It's really yummy.

  6. oh eating would be my favorite thing about making pizza- that and fresh tomatoes...basil...cheeeeesseee

  7. I need to learn how to make a gluten free pizza dough. I used to knead my dough, no throwing though, I juse knew it would end up on me.

  8. Hi Linda, Here's a link with a bunch of gluten free pizza dough recipes:


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