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Hambidge Wood Firing Results

As you may remember I participated in a wood firing two weekends ago at Hambidge Artist Retreat in Rabun Gap, GA.  This past Saturday we opened up the anangama kiln and unloaded the pots.  It was a beautiful firing, the best ever according to some people.  It was my first wood firing in that kiln so I have nothing to compare to except the pieces that I have from the anagama at Shorter University.  Tom Egan had told us that the kiln fires smoother in the rain and I'm a believer (sorry if I just got a Monkey's song stuck in your head).
Without further ado, here are some pictures of pots from that firing:

This is a two piece vase that has brushed porcelain slip decoration

This teabowl has a shino glaze that came out really nice

This vase is made with Loafer's Glory and shows great flashing.  It might be because of the soda ash and water mixture I applied before firing

I love this pot, it was on it's side in the front of the kiln and got some really nice color and texture
This vase has a red art and ash glaze applied to it and has some very nice flashing
I used an orbie glaze on the top of this bottle, it came out much darker than I expected but it also got some really nice texture, you can see the flame path on this one really well
I applied a few brush strokes of glaze on the outside of this pot, the rest is from the kiln ash.  It's really earthy and warm but I didn't photograph it very well.

All of these pots had some soda ash and water applied to them while glazing.  It seems to have helped get better flashing but I could have been more scientific in my testing.  Essentially, I just poured some on the pots randomly.  I'm glad that I did, I suspect it helped.

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