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Social Media Selling

Social media appears to be here to stay, at least until the next best thing comes along.  It is a fine way to keep in touch with people and make new acquaintances, and tell people what cool and interesting (to you at least) stuff you are doing.  I use it to share my work and to see what other artists are doing.  I've actually gotten a few glaze recipes from other potters on Facebook.
If you listen to the marketing experts they will tell you that social media is a great way to connect with customers.  It's not difficult at all to find 100 blogs that tell you the best way to leverage these sites to create brand recognition and millions of dollars in income.  Well, maybe a few dollars if not the possibility of millions.  I know I'm doing things wrong because I have yet to have one sale from a Twitter follower.  That may be my fault since I don't spend much time being social on Twitter.  To me it seems to be a great place to find links to blogs and other interesting (and some not so interesting) web sites.  I've joined a few groups on LinkedIn, some have meaningful discussions, some just try to share facebook "Likes."  Frankly, I'd rather someone really like my work than just like me so I'll like them back.  It just sounds like third grade to me.
As you may have noticed, I have a like button on this blog.  If you like the blog and want to click the button I'll be very happy.  If nobody clicks it that's ok, I'm not going to go take a bath with the toaster just because nobody clicks my "like" button.
I would love to know what your experience with growing your customer base using social media has been.  If you sell your art or something else and use social media as a means to help gain those sales please take a minute to answer this short survey, I'll post the results on this blog and all my social sites after a few days.
Thank you in advance.

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  1. I don't social media has gotten me one sale either, ha, fun to share on learn from the blogs though and read short statements on fb.

  2. Linda- I've gotten some sales from facebook, just not Twitter. I enjoy reading blogs and short facebook posts also. It's fun seeing what other artists are doing and making friends over the miles.

  3. you have to draw the line, and twitter, nah, not for me :)

  4. I enjoy etsy and I let friends know what I am doing with facebook. I started to play with twitter but the day runs out of time. I find blogs are fun!

  5. As you probably know I refuse to jump on the twitter facebook train, just don't have the time or the interest in either one, maybe I'm losing sells but I really don't care, don't like them! I do love my blog though :)

  6. Thanks to everyone whose taken the survey and made comments. I think this may be very useful information. I'm going to keep promoting the survey for a little longer in an effort to collect data from the widest variety of sources. If you want to share the blog link with your friends and network that would be helpful. I promise to share the results.
    Thanks again.

  7. Hi, I am a potter from India where selling ceramic/studio pottery is way too difficult.I havent got any sale yet either from my website or facebook,but I am not giving ,So lets just go on and someday things will start happenning???

  8. It's a curious thing... I used to sell decorated mugs and my soft sculpture on Etsy and did ok, but I get very few sales for my sculpture this way. I am coming to the conclusion that serious buyers of ceramics just don't hang out in these places - I think they still prefer to actually SEE the work for real before making the commitment to buy. So, for me, it is still a case of schlepping round galleries and doing quality design shows.

  9. Great stuff Lori,

    I agree with you. Savoring moments is very important. It is after-all these moments which make life special.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Geoff Talbot

  10. I have had a facebook account for a couple of years, so started posting my new blog with link on facebook with a few pics, video etc about recent activity with my pottery. The first time i did this, I had an enquiry which let to a sale and another which let to an order. So, I would say that I think it is possible to make some sales via socia media. I do still prefer the good old face to face sales, but social media definately has it's place in today's world, so why not utilise it.


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