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Ginger's Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated the first birthday of our newest rescue dog, Ginger. Since she's a rescue we don't know the exact date of her birth but the house was clean and I had just pulled this beautiful cake plate out of the glaze kiln so it seemed like the thing to do.
Ginger is a very cute Miniature Pincher who was rescued a few months ago as she ran up a busy Atlanta interstate one Saturday morning. It was a pretty day and Janet and I were on our way to a friend’s house in my truck because we were to help our friend prepare for an upcoming move. Just as we were approaching the entrance ramp to the highway I saw this little puppy in the middle of the street. We stopped the truck and called to the dog but she was so scared she just kept running across the street, which leads to the entrance ramp of the interstate highway. I yelled and minivan driver saw her, the passenger got out and tried to catch her but she was not about to be caught, instead she headed across several lanes of traffic. This dog wanted to run in the fast lane. I followed in the truck fearing that I was going to watch this poor dog get run over by a car or worse, a semi. Thankfully the minivan had not given up hope and was trying to block traffic to protect the dog. I did the same and soon four other vehicles were surrounding the puppy while some passengers even tried to catch her on foot. After about a mile of running on the interstate (and who knows how much before that), she stopped underneath someone's SUV where one of the drivers was able to catch her. The problem now was as he held her in his hand she held him in her teeth, she was terrified and some dogs bite when they are scared. I suggested he put her into the back of my truck because she could be safe there (I have a cap to keep my booth set up out of the elements when I'm going to a show) while we humans were safe in the cab of the truck. I drove her to my vet where after 45 minutes of getting to know each other and a half a bag of treats while she was learning to trust me we were able to have her scanned for a chip and examined.
After much failed searching for her owner we have gotten her fixed and chipped and she is now in her forever home, mine.

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  1. what a great rescue and story, happy birthday to ginger, so sweet.

  2. OH WOW, what a great story... and cake stand!

  3. L - the actual cake recipe (and frosting - though we added coffee extract and little meringue dog bones) is here:

  4. Thanks Linda and Gary, it is a great story with a wonderfully happy ending.

    J- Thanks for the cake recipe link. It's a really delicious cake.


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