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Soda Kiln Unloading

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Beating the Odds

This poor little tea bowl has been through a lot in it's life. It was the accidentally over fired in the bisque kiln (cone 4 instead of 04). Then when I was glazing it I dropped it into the glaze bucket. I knew it needed to spend some more time in the glaze bucket but that was a little extreme. I didn't feel like washing it off, waiting another day and then trying to glaze again so I let it dry and put it in the reduction kiln. I think it came out really great but I wouldn't suggest trying to duplicate the results.
The glaze is Malcolm Davis Shino for cone 6 reduction, I can post the recipe if someone wants it.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. :-D Sounds like a tea bowl that really wanted extra personality, Lori!! Looks great!!

  2. Thanks Beth, It looks like it got the extra personality.


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