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You Never Know Who You'll See on youtube

This weekend I was talking to my friend Rosa about her visit with her family over the holidays.  She was telling her family about how she does raku firing and thought a demonstration would be better.  Having no raku kiln available she chose the next best thing, a youtube video.  So while she was showing her family a random video that she found using the search function she thought "that looks alot like the kiln yard at Mudfire" (where we do raku).  Then she started noticing the people and thought "that looks alot like my butt."  Then she realized that it was the video that I posted of our first firing together. I can only imagine her surprise.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. gosh, a totally awesome video! I keep looking at the wooden fence though, and the flames and....

  2. Yeah, it took a few firings but that fence is no longer an issue ;-)

  3. Everybody's butt will have it's 15 minutes of raku fame in flames, I guess.


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