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Hipster Hippo Rides Again

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Lady Bug Feeder

My house is old and although it's not drafty it's not sealed as tightly as it could be as evidenced by the ladybugs who move in every winter. They normally hang out in the sunniest rooms in the house on cold days and then leave whenever the weather warms up. Every once in a while we'll find one in the kitchen in the compost pot but today I found one on the salt pig (I'm not sure why they are named salt pigs, they don't look like pigs or oink). The glaze is lichen so I'm guessing she thought she was on something more natural than a pot. I don't think salt is good for lady bugs and I didn't want to find her in there next time I want to add salt to my food. I gave her some green onion which I hope will distract her from the salt, of course green onions and salt do go well together...

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  1. I find the ladybugs a friendly reminder that goshdarn winter won't be here forever....


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