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Kitchen Jar

I'm not only a potter but a gardener also.  In Georgia that means just another way to play with clay.  Unfortunately, most plants don't love clay as much as potters do so I amend the clay to make them happy.  That means adding compost to the soil.  I could buy expensive compost but kitchen scraps make great compost.  We do enough cooking at my house to collect ample scraps to grow a good size garden.  But who wants the scraps sitting on the counter while you're cooking?  The solution is a compost jar.  So I made a few compost jars and have had the difficult task of keeping them in stock (not a bad problem to have).  As it turns out, people are using these for stuff other than compost!  They are using them as garlic keepers and utensil jars and who knows what else.  So now I will change the name of my compost jars to kitchen jars.
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  1. Discovered potteries in Bishop, GA last week. My client said they have an extravaganze each September.

    Great idea for a small, rural town.

    Glad you are close to me. Can't wait to see your work.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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