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Studio Seeds

I came up with the idea of converting my house in Decatur, GA into a studio space for multiple artist one day and the very next day I received an email about a wheel and kiln for sale. Talk about serendipity! So I bought the equipment, plopped it in my kitchen and headed off for a long weekend in Asheville, NC.
The beauty of visiting artist galleries in Asheville is that many of them allow access to the studio of the artist also. I started looking around and formulating ideas. My intent is to make a great studio space for ceramists and other artists. This blog will talk about the progress I'm making towards this goal. It may not be great writing, it'll be more like me just talking about what I'm doing, successes and challenges and a place for other artists to give ideas about what has worked for them and what didn't.
Enjoy reading this blog and please contribute. Art conversation is always wonderful.
While your here, check out the gallery Future Relics Gallery.


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