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Avondale AutumnFest results

I had a booth in the Avondale AutumnFest 2009 in Decatur, GA this past weekend. Saturday it was cold and windy. I was lucky, I only froze, the glass people down the way had issues with the tent moving & suffered some loss. Thankfully, it's easier to reuse glass than pottery but that still must be discouraging. I feel badly for tehm but they seemed to take it OK.
Sunday was a beautiful day, with perfect Fall weather. People were even coming into my booth to get a break from the sun! But I noticed something interesting between the 2 days. More people contributed to the "Charity Cases" on Saturday than on Sunday. It could be that the stuff left in the box on Sunday was less desirable than the stuff on Saturday but I also wonder if people feel more like being helpful when they are not enjoying life completely. I know I've thought more about how hard it must be to be homeless when it's cold or rainy or even really hot. But I know it's no picnic to be homeless when it's a nice day, I just don't think about it as much. I heard a song on the radio recently (sorry, I don't know the name or I'd link to it or the band) where they talk about it being a beautiful day yet hear fire trucks and think about how someone can be losing everything while others are enjoying the day. It's a great reminder of how life really is and how we should help each other no matter what is going on in our lives.
If anyone knows the name of the song I'd love to know it.
I'd also like to put out a big thanks to the people who donated to the "Charity Cases," you rock.

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