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Charity Cases

Atlanta has been having issues with way too much rain, almost 5 inches so far in October. We’ve gone from a 5 year drought to floods in the change of a season. I’ve been very fortunate thus far, no major issues at the house or the studio. Others aren’t so lucky. I know of one potter who’s lost her studio, other people have lost their homes and some their lives. The rains haven’t stopped so we can anticipate more loss too. It makes me feel helpless to know that these people are suffering and needing assistance yet the insurance companies are denying claims. The state has declared a disaster which helps in getting loans for repairs but really, how much does that help?
What I’ve decided to do is to create a “Charity Cases” box at my shows. The box will contain pieces that will not be priced; the buyer will make a donation which will go to a local charity or needy recipient and the donor will get a piece of pottery as a reminder of the good that they have done and to (hopefully) continue to give.

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