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Who Cooks For You?

“Who cooks for you?” He asks again and again. Somewhere off in the distance we hear an answer is heard then the call again. The next time we hear the answer it is closer. This continues until the pair is together in the large oak tree above my studio.

I love sleeping with the windows open in the cooler weather so I can listen for them. Their is something soothing in their calls. Many a night I’ve watched for them but have rarely seen them. They make no sound while in flight, you have to be searching the night sky in just the right place.

We have Red Shouldered Hawks living nearby also. The Barred Owls and hawks will often use the same nest in alternating years. I like that ease of harmony and community.

Plus owls can be incredibly cute. What could be better?

Cute pottery owl soap or sponge holder by Lori Buff
Owl Soap/Sponge Holders

These owls are quiet but they are very useful, they will hold your soap, sponge, napkin, divide cup, and probably a bunch of things I haven’t even considered yet. What would you put in one? Who cooks for you?

Other Stuff:

Bard Owls

Red Shouldered Hawks

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  1. The sponge holders are super sweet!!!
    We have a cooper hawk around here that has quite a screech. We are also fortunate to lots of birds, haven't heard an owl yet. I did at the log cabin, but we were more in the thick of the woods there.

  2. I love sleeping with the windows open too, I can never tire of the night sounds or any sounds from nature, great take on sponge holders and that's a great idea to call them soap holders too, never thought of them that way. I haven't heard any owls here but we had one roosting above our motorhome in Florida just before we left and it was so loud, we occasionally have a hawk here and he was here yesterday and we have four mourning doves regularly feasting on seeds.

  3. Like the sponge-soap holders. The owls are super personalities!
    We have had a red tail hawk for years and a marsh hawk lately....both very interested in the pond in spring before the trees leaf out! There's a hoot owl and whip-or-wills out in the woods....and little, loud frogs to add to the night music!

  4. Thank you for this morsel ! Had zero clue a nest could be shared...just wow.

    And those owls, again, wowza. Would love them as tea mugs, and a tea pot to match.

    Would love to talk with you about them !!

    Who cooks for me? Beloved.

    Growing up in the 60's it was total feminist crap from my parents. Cooking was bad, anything nurturing was evil, caretaking of the soul was for idiots. Get a degree, get a job blah blah. Got the degree/job. Zero aptitude for running a pantry, cooking, feeding a man who loves me. Great with cats & chickens.

    Wish I had been able to take home economics in high school. Shop too. Both were totally taken off option list from my parents.

    Have been contemplating which of my clients, so many cook/etc, to hire to teach me basics. Have noticed this service is not available anywhere.

    Fortunate to have Beloved, who understands I do try but the failures are in the realm of Anne of Green Gables, never make the same mistake twice, just new ones daily, silly engineering degree is not much help.

    Perhaps the best payback? Going to Texas often to help my mom. We eat out. I do cook basics...but mostly go out.

    Back to those owls as tea mugs & pot !


  5. Oh, those owl are so cute! I'd put my sponge in one!


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