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Strutting in The Rain in East Atlanta

When it rains during an art festival it usually means your day is going to stink. The festivals I’ve done on rainy days usually means either nobody comes to the show or the few people that do are looking for a great bargain. I guess they figure that the artist just wants to sell all their work and go home. Of course my pots are water tight and so is my tent so I’m just sitting in my tent chilling. At the East Atlanta Strut the crowd was pretty good for a rainy day. The people that came into my booth were wonderful. They chatted, bought pots, placed orders, and generally made it a great day.

Lori Buff’s Ceramics at the East Atlanta Strut
At the East Atlanta Strut

My Ez-up tent handled the weather pretty well.  I had given it a light coat of Scotchgard to protect it from the rain just a couple of weeks ago and I was glad I did so. It kept me dry. I felt bad for all the volunteers that were walking around in the rain but they were troopers and did a fantastic job of getting everyone into the show and set up. They are a fantastic group and I’m so glad we have people like them in my neighborhood. Besides organizing and promoting the festival they also clean any trash from the streets before and after the festival. That’s not an easy task but it makes it a nicer event for everyone.

Although sales were okay they were down from last year so I’m still looking for some more funding from you all with the promise of a nice pot as your gift. Since today is my birthday let’s give each other a gift. For more about the why’s and what’s of the funding please see this blog post:

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Glad you were successful despite the rain, same up here and still coming down.

  2. Sorry that your show was rained upon! We enjoyed so many consecutive days of sunshine that I suppose we were due for a deluge. It's just that it's always bad timing.

  3. I know, I have had my fill of rainy fairs, and only do indoor fairs now.


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