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Safer Shopping Small?

These days you are always learning about another company that has had a security breach which may or may not mean your credit card numbers have been compromised.  It’s very scary and it’s a complete pain in the neck if you have to contact your credit card company and get new cards issued.  Then there is always the concern that this new credit card will be stolen from your mailbox while you’re at work.  Someone was just arrested for stealing people’s mail near my house.  It makes me glad I work from home but frightened for my neighbors.

When you look at the list of companies that have had breaches they are all large companies, mostly big box stores.  You’d think these companies would have enough money to keep security tight, and many of them do, and make a good effort but they are also big targets.  They have a lot of credit card information.  The criminals know about them and want this information. Your information.

Hand crafted Butter Keeper by Future Relics Gallery
Keeping Butter Safe

Comparatively, small businesses have much less of your personal information.  By law, a small business still has to take huge steps to safeguard your info but they are less likely to be targets for this kind of theft.  Many people prefer to pay small businesses with cash because they know how expensive credit card processing can be for the little guy.  That combined with the shear lack of volume of customers makes them an unattractive choice for a hacker.

Your own financial safety, another reason to feel good about shopping small.

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