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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Flower Bowl

The other day I wrote about finding a box in my mom's basement and I promised to show you pictures of what was in the box.  Believe it or not I actually waited to open it also. Not because I wasn't dying of curiosity but because I was busy getting things ready for my mom's return home from the hospital but also because it only seemed fair. I'm still going to draw out showing pot from the box, isn't that what throw back Thursday is all about?

The first piece I unwrapped must have been a piece I made for an assignment in High School. I could not guess all the details of the assignment but I made this covered bowl where the lid is covered in flowers.

Both the lid and the bowl are wheel thrown, of course the flowers are slab built and attached to the lid which seems to be unglazed, it only has underglazes for color so it's got a very matte finish.  The bowl has been fully glazed.

When I look at the piece I see the very beginnings of the casserole dishes I throw now. That in itself makes me feel like it was a good assignment.  I really do like the difference in finish between the lid and the bowl but it's awkward to remove the lid due to the size and lack of a lug or a handle on the lid.  If I were to recreate this I would try to encorporate a handle.  I wonder how I would do that without making it really obvious that it is a handle.  Maybe a flower that is a bit higher. Ah, it's coming to me, I can see what I would do.

Maybe recreating some of these old pots would be really fun.  We shall see what the future brings.

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  1. How lucky your mom kept this box. You could do a whole collection of retro pottery! I have a few mugs that are from the 80's. A few survivors from the days when we had a porcelain sink and Gerry broke anything he got near it!

    1. Yes Tracey, I am really lucky, I even found some other treasures from many years ago.

  2. cool, yes try to re-create it and see what you come up with

  3. What a great piece, and I'm glad it's stimulating you to work off the idea of it. Thanks for letting me glimpse this aspect of your creativity!

  4. Very cool! Great work for a high school student too.

  5. would love to see your work, from start to present, all on the same display....

    xo t


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