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Wonderful, Whirlwind Weekend

The song says it’s the most wonderful time of the year, for many it’s also the most hectic.  That was the case for me this weekend since I had two, overlapping shows.  Since cloning isn’t an option Janet stepped in for me at one of the shows.  That was a huge help and I’m very grateful that she was willing to do that.

The first show I had to do was the Decatur Holiday Marketplace and Cafe.  For this show the PTA parents clear out the classrooms and help the artists get set up in each room.  It’s a lot of work and it has to happen very quickly.  We have an hour and a half to check in, unload, and set up.  It would be pretty impossible for me to do it without the help of the volunteers.  They are wonderful that way.

I love doing this show because so many people return to it year after year.  I get to visit with them and find out how they or their kids are doing in school (“he’s graduated from collage already!”) and in life.  And most of the people that are there are very supportive of the artists.  They know that they can get very unique gifts for friends and family plus they understand that if they support the artists the artists will come back and the PTA will get the money it needs to continue to help the students.  Everyone wins.
Owl Mug by Future Relics Gallery
Owl Mug

When this show was done on Saturday night I packed up quickly with the help of the amazing volunteers and rushed over to The Stacks Lofts in the neighborhood of Atlanta known as Cabbagetown.  This is an old cotton and bag mill that was built after the civil war and has been converted into loft apartments.  They are really very cool and it’s a fun show for the customers and residents.  I was invited to show in the loft of a person who I had never met but who was generous enough to open his doors to me, another artist and a lot of visitors.  People often amaze me with their kindness.

Although sales were good we had anticipated they would be better since the Milltown Grill was supposed to set up with samples from their menu.  Unfortunately they switched lofts two hours before the show for some reason.  Of course we weren’t prepared for this and had no wonderful food or drinks ready.  The loft owner ran out and got some snacks but we were rushing against the clock and it was impossible to be very creative.  As disappointing as this was we still had a pretty good turn out and sold some pots and had a lot of fun.  I am very grateful to everyone that made it possible.

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  1. And I thought I was worn out, things come up but you went with the flow.

    1. Yes Linda, it’s exhilarating but I am worn out.

  2. You certainly were spread thin! Love the owl mug. The wood kiln did too.

    1. Thanks Michèle, the wood kiln was nice to me this time.


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