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An Unexpected Gift

Did you read yesterday's blog post about peace and doing nice things for each other.  When I wrote that I was thinking about giving, not receiving.  I did not expect, at all, that I might be the recipient of someone else act of kindness.  Then this morning the mail carrier dropped a package onto my front porch.  I didn't remember ordering anything and we are between birthdays here so what could it be?

Once the mail carrier left and the dogs calmed down I retrieved the package and found it was from my blogging friend Linda Starr.  She knows I've been going through a tough time lately and felt compelled to do something to add some sunshine to my life.  She did just that.

In the package was a very sweet espresso cup.  I do enjoy an espresso pretty frequently so this will be used often and I will feel the friendship of Linda with each use.  It is hand built with a very cool gun metal glaze that shows a few touches of green where it's thiner.  I believe that I will notice more and more colors in the glaze as I expose it to different light sources.  You gotta love a glaze like that.

Espresso Cup by Linda Starr
The package also contained a little bag of black beans.  These are Cherokee Trail of Tears Black Beans.  Linda wrote about them in this blog post, you should read it, it's very interesting.  I understand the meaning of the beans and their significance to her.  So I will plant them in my garden and share the crop with friends that garden so they can grow them also.

The box was also very full of something that every potter loves, bubble wrap!  It may sound silly to people who aren't spending so much time trying to protect fragile items but the gift of bubble wrap to a potter is a great gift indeed.

Linda, thank you so much for your sweet, thoughtful and caring gift.  I am very grateful for you.  Many hugs to you.

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  1. wow, that package got there in one day, that was fast. I remember your saying in a blog post how you like espresso so I thought you'd enjoy. It will be fun for each of us to plant the beans next year and compare notes. And then when you share them who knows how far these beans will travel.

    1. Thanks again Linda. I was thinking about how far those beans may travel also. They seem to have been with us for several centuries.


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