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Rather Old Pots

This past weekend we took a trip down to the Scott Antique Market.  I haven't been in several years so I was happy to go look around.  Some antiques are just really fascinating to me.  I often find myself thinking about things like "who owned this piece?"or "who made that piece?"  It's all fun and fantasy for my mind.  Of course I'm getting to an age where I see items that I used or played with as a kid on the shelves, often for more money than they originally cost.

Many of the vendors had antique pottery which I always find interesting.  I find beauty in simple forms and many of these pots were made to serve a function.  They were vessels to hold something and that is it.  But when you really look at the piece you realize that it's got a lot of beauty.  I imagine the potter that made them thinking about that form and appreciating it.

This one looks a lot like my kitchen crock, it's just larger and cost about $100 more than I would have charged for the crock.

This jug was most likely made and fired at Flemington, NJ.  My parents took me to the pottery there when I was quite young.  I still remember the big kiln.

Here's another beautifully simple form.  I wonder what was made to contain.  I might make a covered jar with this piece as the inspiration.

I wanted to get the writing on this pitcher because I thought it was interesting.  The vessel is just a simple cylinder with a pulled spout and a handle.  So utilitarian and simple but such a nice form.  I suspect a form like this would get overlooked in my Etsy shop or Festival booth.

This nice bottle form had a lot of writing on it.  It was hard to read because it also had several stamps that looked like post marks on it.  I wanted to examine this one longer.

For some reason the potter added a little decoration to this bottle.  It might have been nice to play with glaze a little every now and then.

This pot is far more ornate than the others but I still love it, mostly for it's carvings and beautiful form.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Beautiful! Simple is always best I think, for me anyway. I am drawn to the most humble pots on the shelves....

    1. Those are often the most beautiful pots too Tracey.

  2. I've never seen anything like that last one, what a lot of fun antique stores are I love to browse them and always find a treasure to come home with.

    1. I haven't either Linda. I wasn't able to afford any of these pots but it would have been nice.

  3. funny to imagine utilitarian ware like that: a potter just trying to make stacks of useful pots to sell for pennies each!

    1. and this is different from you and I how? ;-)

  4. I love looking at old pots, thanks for sharing! I stream Antiques Roadshow and whenever there is pottery I get all excited and call Jeff over to watch.


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