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Are you on Instagram?  I am, I actually have had a profile on it for a long time but I never remembered to look at it or post pictures too much.  Essentially I just didn't get it.  Then a few months ago a friend reminded me about it and how much fun she was having with it so I thought I'd give it another try.  This time I'm really having fun with it.

I don't really post very many pictures but I do spend time looking at pictures that other people post.  naturally I follow many potters and other artists but my favorite non-artist is the usinterior.  They post the most beautiful pictures.  It's impossible for me to decide which is the best one to show you so I'll give you a few examples.


Yellowstone and Milkyway
I could actually post images from them all day but you can just go to instagram and follow them yourself.  While you're at it, you could follow me too, just search for FutureRelicsGallery.  Let me know what your user name is and I'll follow you back.

Who do you enjoy following on instagram?

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. how do you do instagram do you have to use a smart phone and the phone's camera? i,ve wanted to try but haven't a clue

    1. Good question Linda. You can go to to set up a profile and look around but it's really a mobile phone media. Here's some detail and instructions from Mashable.

  2. I have not looked at damn much to follow already :)

    1. Gary, you're so right, so much to follow. I like Instagram because it's not as full of cat videos and selfies like some others and it's quick. I can check out Instagram while I'm waiting for something like my gas tank to fill.


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