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Meatless Monday - Coffee

A mug of coffee, it's how many of us start our day.  If it's not right it can effect your whole morning, maybe the entire day.  When it is right it's a good start.  I love summer weekends when I can linger over a good cup of coffee while sitting on the deck reading, visiting with Janet or playing with the pups.

While their are many expert and differing opinions on how to make a good cup of coffee I can only tell you what I do and that it works for me.  Your milage may vary.

I start with whole bean coffee that is stored in a pottery jar on the counter with a tight fitting lid.  So people say to freeze the beans, some say don't. I don't and it works, but we do go through a pound in about a week or so.  I also use filtered water even though the coffee maker has a filter.  I just want to be certain the water doesn't flavor the coffee.

After the coffee is done brewing I warm a little half and half in the microwave.  It should be warm but not boiled.  The cream is then frothed and poured on top of the coffee.  Some mornings I enhance it with a little sprinkle of cinnamon or powdered coco or both.

Mug by Cynthia Bringle, Cream Pitcher by Lori Buff
Bringle Mug, Buff Cream Pitcher

The most important part is choosing the mug.  Yes, I stand in front of the cupboard and think about which mug I want to use this day.  Sometimes I want a larger mug, sometimes smaller.  Some mornings a particular handle will appeal to me, some days it's the glaze.  Some days I just think about what friend I want to share my coffee with.

How do you take your coffee?

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  1. I know, she says nodding to this post. I know...cheers!

  2. YES! Coffee must be carefully considered, as well as mug choice. And that's a decision before coffee (b.c.) You are to be commended for being so creative under the circumstances!

  3. Proge is a total coffee least (so far) he doesn't roast his own beans. I can't complain ; I'm a complete nerd about tea.

  4. Coffe or tea? That's the first morning decision. If its coffee, we use a French press, organic free trade beans from Sumatra or New Guinea. Gerry uses the same cup every day, I use your method, handle, glaze, friend that made it :)
    Gerry always does coffe and he has a thermos he pours it in and carries it around all morning. I have to switch between tea and coffe because I love both.

    1. Tea is an afternoon or evening beverage for me, that way I get both tea and coffee in one day, and get to choose different mugs/tea bowls.


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