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Many Thanks

April has been a really busy month.  It usually is because the nice weather means pottery shows and festivals.  For me it was Fired Works in Macon, GA and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival running concurrently.  It may feel stressful to me to participate in these events but the real stressful job and hard work was done by the people that do such a great job to make these types of events happen and run smoothly.

It's not easy to put on an event of any size but these two are pretty huge.  Fired Works is the largest exhibit of functional and sculptural pottery in the state of Georgia.  The Macon Arts Alliance has created this event by getting 70 potters to bring about 6000 pieces of art to the city for a 10 day show.  They handle the setup of the building, check-out, advertising, correspondence with the artists and all the other details that goes in to putting on an event of this caliber.  They are like ducks, they seem to be simply gliding along gracefully and effortlessly but you know they are paddling like crazy just beneath the surface.  I cannot imagine the work that goes into this show but they make it look easy.  I'm sure they are all going to be exhausted for quite some time.

Meanwhile, in downtown Macon at the Macon Arts Alliance Gallery is the Off the Wall Show and at Mudfire Gallery is the Fur and Feathers Show.  Both of which are displaying a few pieces of mine.

Lori Doing Demos in the Rain

While Fired Works was wrapping up I was setting up at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.  This festival has been going on for 77 years so they have a long history of doing this but that doesn't make dealing with a long list of fine artists, performing artists, food venders and sponsors easy.  I imagine it might be harder than herding cats yet they did a great job of making everything flow very well.  The only thing I was unhappy with was the rain on Friday but that wasn't anyone's fault.

Since the booth at the dogwood Festival was for Mudfire several of the rangers (instructors) brought pottery to sell, did demos, helped set up and break down the booth and add joy and smiles to little kids and adults.  They were awesome.

So many people to thank, I am very grateful for you all and for all you do.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Excited about my teapot.

    You don't have to rush.

    Come to lunch when it's done.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

    1. Thanks Tara, I plan to start working on it either Thursday or Friday. Lunch sounds wonderful, I'm looking forward to it.

  2. OH MY, there you ARE!!!!! I know--spring, summer and beyond = BUSY!

  3. Good times like this is what keeps us coming back for more shows, I suppose. We got the rain Friday night too, it was fierce! Lots of mud on Saturday, would have been fitting for your Mudfire show, haha!

  4. Wow, I was tired after reading, you have been one busy lady! That's a great photo of you at the wheel, I can tell you were having fun.

  5. All very exciting, and it just keeps getting better! I am like Michele Hastings who wrote above, "Wow, I was tired after reading..." I love this time of year and your energy and work are so inspiring!


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