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So Many Hats to Wear

When I was in my 20's I somehow started collecting baseball hats, but most of them were not from baseball teams, they advertised other things.  You've seen them displaying the logos for John Deere Tractors and the HRC.  Okay, maybe those two aren't going to be on the same hat but you get the idea. I'm not sure how this started, I guess I just started wearing one when it rained to keep water off my glasses and then people started giving me hats.

Red Woman Sculpture Pot - Lori Buff
Red Woman Vase - Reba

Now that I live in the desert southeast and don't have to protect myself from raindrops as much the hat collection has diminished greatly.  But that doesn't mean that I wear any less hats, they have just changed.  Instead of baseball hats I'm wearing the various hats of the self employed.  Those of you that own your own business know exactly what I'm talking about.  You're everything from CEO to janitor.  Today I have to finish sculpting one of the woman pots I made for the wood firing at Shorter University and then create a flier for my studio sale.  Where this seems similar, they are both artistic they are so different in process that it's always a bit of a weird transition for me.  Not that I don't love doing either one, it's just switching my way of thinking fairly drastically.  Do you make these types of transitions smoothly?

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. My hardest transition is going from the morning laundry, breakfast fixing, dishwasher unloading, email checking, blog reading, tea drinking and then to the studio for wedging, slab rolling, slab building, glaze mixing, etc.
    I wear a few less hats since my daughter left for college but as I tell my husband often, I could use a wife, I have too many hats to wear :)

    1. Oh Tracey I so know what you're talking about. I try really hard to avoid doing the housework during my working hours but being self employed also means we don't keep "normal" working hours.
      Maybe we can get the Ryans to come over and wash our dishes.

  2. I never wore hats just sunglasses when outside till I had my lavender farm, then I splurged on a large well made wide brimmed hat which covered my shoulders and it really does help when working out of doors in the sun. Gary almost always had a baseball cap on and one time he took it off and a good friend said he thought Gary was bald, which he isn't, goes to show how often he wears a baseball cap.

    that red woman vase is so rich looking in the photo, looks like it's turned from wood or made from mahogany and the dark liner is perfect for the color.

  3. some days my hats are just too big. I would like a blanket instead..... lovely vase.

  4. loooooove the wee figure pot, sooooo pretty! I know what you mean about rain and glasses, UGH!


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