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Family and Friends and Sandy

I grew up in Northern New Jersey.  My parents, one of my brothers and his family and many friends still live there and I know they are not having a great morning.  Over the next few days we will spend a lot of time on the phone if possible and checking email and facebook in the hopes that electricity or cell towers have been restored so we can communicate.  It makes me feel so helpless but really, what can be done?

It could never hurt to make some sort of donation to a disaster relief organization.  I've listed a few here but you may know more, please share your ideas.

My parents are older which often means wiser even if they don't know how to use an iPhone or the latest techno gadget.  They have taken precautions of stocking some filtered water, good beer and flashlight batteries.  Their refrigerator and pantry has never been empty.  They have stacks and stacks of good books to read.  But they also took this opportunity to help someone else and add some sunshine to the storm.  They are dog sitting.  They sit for this cute little dog who they absolutely love.  The owners of the dog live in a house that is powered completely by electricity, including the pump for the well water so if the power goes out they are living very primitively (in a very, very nice house).  So in the best interest of the dog my parents always volunteer to bring them to their house in bad weather.  It's no sacrifice, they LOVE this dog.

Other Stuff:

Red Cross
CERF+  Craft Emergency Relief
Bergen County Animal Shelter
Pet Finder Desaster Relief
AmeriCares Disaster Relief
Feeding America

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  1. cerf was so good to us when we had our studio fire. These are all good things to do. I am happy to hear that your family is safe.

    Note on the blog- I think you slide show is making it take me longer to be able to open you up.

    1. Thanks Meredith, I've heard so much good stuff about CERF, they are really a worthwhile organization.

      I'll look into the slide show, it shouldn't slow down the rest of the page loading but maybe it does. I appreciate the information.

  2. Lori, my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. :)

    CERF is a great organization and I generally tend to give them money before other relief groups. It's nice to know that there is a group that is specifically set up to help artisans who rely on their equipment and materials to make a living and often don't have enough insurance to cover their losses.

    1. Thanks Julia, so far so good for my parents and brother's family.

      CERF helped out an artist here when her insurance would not. I've been a fan ever since.

  3. We have relatives in NH and NJ and are checking in with them hour by hour, so glad your relatives are doing well. What we can do is donate to red cross who always seem to step quickly and help in major disasters, we already donated food to the homeless shelter for the winter drive this weekend. The winds have been howling here today, even more than when the hurricane was right off the east coast.

    1. Hi Linda, I hope your relatives are okay. Thank you for your donations.
      The wind here in Atlanta has been really bad for the past few days also but it's nothing in comparison. Just making us think about winter's arrival.

  4. My family is on Galveston Bay. Unfortunately I know exactly how this feels at a distance.

    Hope all is well soon.

    XO T


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