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Old Work

For the past few of months I've spent less time concerning myself with making a lot of pots, I've got plenty of inventory so I've started playing more with surface decoration.  I've been carving, exploring Mishima, painting with underglaze and terra sig.  I'm really having fun and I'm loving the results.  I'm excited about the shows I'll be in after the summer is over because I want to put this stuff out there and see what happens with it.  I want to know what other people think of what I'm doing.

Acorn Casserole

That creates a little bit of a problem for me.  What about the older stuff.  The pieces that are sitting in bins in the kiln shed waiting for their turn.  The one's that are no longer new and exciting to me.  Most of them are beautiful pots that I do love, they just are not representative of the work I'm doing right now.   So what do I do with them?  I'm trying to make displays that show a cohesive body of work and some of these pieces no longer fit in.  What do you do with your oldies but goodies?
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. I am friends with an artist that has a sale at her house every October and calls it Yart. She invites ten artists in different mediums to bring their old stock, seconds and sad but still useful work for a seconds sale. She has her dad cooking and we all bring food and have a great time. I have met some wonderful people doing this show and I get rid of all my old stuff that I no longer have much love for. She does a great job advertising, we put up signs on the roads nearby. Last year she had several musicians playing as well. Lots of fun!
    I also have a seconds basket at all the shows I do. People just embarrass themselves digging through for a bargain.....
    Can't wait to see your new work!

    1. Hi Tracey, that really does sound like a lot of fun. I still have a lot of love for this stuff, it's just not part of a cohesive body of work but that doesn't mean we can't have a sale.
      I put out a box of seconds at some shows, I call them Charity Cases...maybe I'll write a blog about them.

  2. We have the luxury (or the ball and chain) of a gallery at our studio. Every so often we put our Ez up tent on the lawn and have a 20% off sale of everything under the tent. It includes 2nds, things we think are ho-hum, stuff that has hung around too long, and some student work that was left behind. We get rid of some stuff and make a little money.

    1. Michele, I've been wanting to add a gallery to my studio but just have yet to be able to figure out how to make that work what with building construction and all. Maybe I should put the Ez-up up.

  3. Good question: cohesive display? I mean, how do you do it, with new awesome things every day? Love the acorn piece indeed :) I feel the same as you everyday: you get older, maybe you make fewer pieces more creativelyy considered and constructed.

  4. Gary took some of my older stuff to the flea market and it sold like hot cakes and we made a little money. What about adding a covered porch to one side of your building and putting items out during a sale. I did that at my lavender farm but I had a locked gate so no one came when I wasn't there, not sure if that would work at your location. I could see a pie safe type of furniture full of pottery displayed outside.


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