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A Little Sadness

This was a great weekend for me, it was very inspiring and full of really good stuff that I'll tell you about later in other blog posts.  I even woke up this morning with an idea in my head that I'm really excited about doing.  My plans for today were to go to the studio and throw a piece for a commission and some pieces for a raku firing and some pieces for a show we Pottery Pals are doing in Aug.  But my heart went out of it when I called my dogs into the house for breakfast and found one of them with a little bird in her mouth.

Little Bird on a Plate
I'm not mad at the dog at all, she was just doing what animals do.  She also dropped the bird as soon as she was told to, which is good behavior.  Sadly, the bird had already lost a wing and a lot of it's tail feathers but was still alive.  I knew the little bird was suffering but I can't bring my self to euthanize it as I have no way of doing that non-violently.  When I volunteered at the Animal Shelter we could give an animal an injection and it would quickly and quietly drift off.  Naturally I have nothing like that here.  The best I could do was to move the bird to a safe, quiet bed of leaves and hope it passed away quickly.

I know this is how nature works, it just makes me feel sad and helpless sometimes.

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  1. Even though it is the laws of nature, it is doesn't make it easy to see. Last night we were driving home from a show, when we got close to our house we saw a fox run across the field with a rabbit in his mouth. Made me glad I keep my cat inside.

    Wishing you a good and productive studio day.

    1. Oh Michele, I'm glad your cat was in the house also. Thanks for the wishes.

  2. A cat brought me a bird decades ago, same thing.

    Grabbed a shovel, dispached the head. Horrifying. Buried the little bird. Remember the moments clearly, too clearly.

    XO T

  3. Oh no. That would be so hard. I would probably have done exactly the same thing. About a week ago, Little Bit brought in a dead chipmunk. We've never seen her kill anything, so we have made up that the little critter died of natural causes and LB was just helping it over the Rainbow Bridge. :-)

    Blessings on the little birdie.

  4. Surprised your dog caught a bird; I would probably have Gary dispatch the bird with a pellet gun, I just couldn't do it. sometimes bird rehab places take in birds that can't be released to the wild again, not sure if there are any near you.

    Once when we lived in Arkansas a fawn was caught in a barbed wire fence. We went over to help it and saw that it broke two legs and was all mangled up. Gary shot it to save it from suffering.

    mother nature has sad moments, sorry about the sadness for you today.

    1. Hi Linda, I suspect the bird was young and just learning to fly. If I had a pellet gun I would have used it. We do have a Raptor Rescue in the area and I'd take a hawk or owl there in a heartbeat but this poor little guy didn't live long enough to be taken to a rescue.

  5. We actually kill and sell quail frozen to local falconers to help raise money for feed for the other animals we raise on the farm. Even after all this time, it is amazingly difficult to dispatch the birds, although it is done very quickly and humanely. I think when it quits bothering you, that is when you have a problem. :)

    Sending happy, creative thoughts your way.

    1. Thanks Julia, it seems farm life is hard in a lot of ways. Even the most rewarding work can have drawbacks.


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