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Soda Kiln Unloading

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First Raku Party

Yesterday we had our first raku party of 2011.  It was originally scheduled for  last weekend but it was cold and threatening to snow so we postponed it.  That was a good idea as yesterday was cool but sunny and warm enough to be enjoyable.  Of course when you're leaning over the fire it helps keep you warm.
It seemed everyone had great results and were happy with the firing, despite the chill in the air we only had one piece break.  The chill does help the crackle to craze like crazy so some of the best looking pieces were the ones glazed with clear or white crackle but I got some really nice results from adding a copper wash to areas of my pots. 

It's interesting how the copper works, I'm really enjoying the results.  I can't wait to see the reactions of buyers.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Hot dogs and marshmallows too?

  2. Thanks Gary!

    Funny you should mention that Terry, we were discussing who would eat food cooked over the raku flames while we were toasting the raku Gods.

  3. sweet pot, I've only done raku twice, but it was a blast.

  4. Oh come on I fired my kiln in the snow and ice and even made a video haha!!! It would have been nicer to have a sunny day and some fun company, I think you got the better deal. I have fired in pouring rain, 100 degree heat and now snow and ice, guess I love Raku,right?!

  5. Yes Tracey, you're more dedicated to raku than we are although I have to say we've rakued in rain and 100+ degrees also.


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