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Dry, But Not Idle Hands

Set of mixing bowls
 I've not been posting very much because I've been busy creating pots for shows in February and March.  I don't mind being busy at all but I think you might not want to read "hung out in the studio making pots all by myself, danced to the music on the radio while mopping the floor..."  You're probably too busy for that yourself.
All of this throwing in the winter does take a toll on my hands.  They are dry and continually craving hand lotion.  I use a lot of it this time of year.  The problem is that I am scentaphobic.  I don't mind real things that smell good, like roses and cedar wood but I think we have too many artificial scents in this world.  I'm not sure why I would want my body to smell like spring in Ireland, while my hair smelled like herb and my clothes smell like I've gained something and my hands smell like something entirely different.
What do you use and how well do you like it?

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  1. Nice mixing bowls. The dancing while mopping is awesome. My hands are really bad this winter too. I use Aquaphor by Eucerin. It's greasy when you first put it on, but within a few minutes my hands are soft and comfortable.
    :) Cindy

  2. Aloe Vera gel by Forever Living. Goes straight in and soothes. Very handy when you've managed to kill the Aloe Vera plant!

  3. Thanks Cindy - I've learned that most lotions go on a little greasy at first. I've learned this by trapping myself in a bathroom because I couldn't turn the door knob;-)

    Gwyenneth - I'll see if I can find Forever Living products in the states, thanks.

  4. Ever since I had my lavender farm I have sworn by using lavender lotion from the lavender farms, not from the big box store, which really contains little to no lavender essential oil. Lavender has natural healing properties and I love the scent which isn't very overpowering at all, the fake stuff smells terrible in the reverse. I can't stand the fake smelling or overpowering scents, like when some women walk by me and I can smell their perfume heavy in the air, ugh. Most have online stores you can order from, let me know if you want the names of a couple of good ones. I have also used the lavender lotion from Trader Joes which I liked as well.

  5. Linda, I love this idea. How wonderful to have a lavender farm too.
    I'll email you for details.


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