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Seeing Dali

We went to see the Salvidor Dali exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  As expected, the show was pretty fantastic.  The man was a genius with an amazing sense of detail and humor.  What I didn't realize was his status as a celebrity.  The exhibition showed video clips, pictures and told stories of his life, as well as his paintings.  As I think about the fame of artists like Dali, Andy Warhol and countless others I wonder how many people today can name more than one contemporary, living, fine artist.   Musicians and actors are pretty well known, but what about painters, sculptors and (of course) potters?  And do we want fame and all that it brings with it?  Obviously the financial benefits are nice.  Would you want to be famous?
Anyway, I'm just day dreaming while time is melting away from me.  If you get a chance to see this exhibit you should do it.  It's really great.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. famous no, but the financial rewards, yes, wish I was closer, would love to see the exhibit.


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