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Business Cards

Once again it's time to print more business cards.  Some artists and other business people have said that business cards don't do any good but I'm here to tell you that is just not true.  I got a call the other day from someone who had picked up my card at a recent show and wanted to buy a piece of pottery he had seen.  Sadly, he had me mistaken for another potter, who I happen to know so I'll give her his contact information.  It was an awkward phone call as you can imagine, but it did prove that people sometimes do follow up when they really like a piece.
Infinity Casserole
Since I love change I'm considering some design changes on my card.  One thing that I'm thinking about is my title.  Do I use "Artist," "Potter," "Ceramic Artist," or something else entirely.   I'd love to come up with something really creative and memorable but I know that will not happen until after this batch is printed and I'll forget by the next time I need them.  What does your card say?

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  1. My card said ceramic artist till I moved to florida and then I started reconsidering when everyone I talked to thught I poured slip and painted the pots. Apparently there is a large element of the public that associates the word ceramics with slip pouring here in florida so I am changing to potter or clay artist; haven't decided what to change to exactly yet. I did have post about pottery versus ceramics a while back and here's the link for the various comments I received.

  2. you are right about the cards. A friend of mine had her first sale this weekend and someone bought two cups from her, she included her card and the next day she got a call from the person wanting to order 6 more. My card just says Tracey Broome Pottery,and has my blog and phone number, boring....

  3. Hi Linda,
    I remember that blog, after re-reading it I'm thinking about putting "Kiln Owner" on the card.

    Hi Tracey,
    Nothing wrong with a simple, straight to the point card. I don't think most people want to read a 2x3 novel anyway.

    Some ideas that were sent to me off list are:
    Mistress of Mud
    Liver of Dreams (not referring to the organ, of course)
    Woman of the Wheel

  4. I think ceramacist is a bizarre and pretentious word, but that is just me. My cards say potter and sculptor. I figure SCULPTOR enables me to charge more ;^) I did not think cards mattered wither and just made cards on my computer. One found their way to a stranger in Virginia who called and ordered out of the blue and I realized that vistaprints few bucks per thousand? WORTH IT. If it is a cool looking card, people may notice it and hang onto it or pass it on. Vistaprint has cheapo postcards too, and I use those to write thanks to every order plus mail them, pass them around. They are so cheap and look so awesome, why not? :)

  5. Hi Gary- I agree with you about ceramicist, it makes me think of engineers & scientist but that could be because of where I went to school.
    I love the idea of postcard thank you notes but I have a friend who had a bad experience with Vista Prints so I'm going to stick to my local printer. It cost a few dollars more but the service and quality are outstanding, and I can go to lunch with the man. I really like that personal touch.

  6. I quite like mistress of mud Lori. It's fun and memorable :)


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